British Sausage Week!

ImageWe are currently halfway through British Sausage Week. To celebrate the Great British banger here are some sausage facts from around the world.

  • 87% of British households regularly buy sausages, spending an average of £32.25 per year.
  • In the past year, we have consumed 188,270 tonnes of sausages at home; spending £737.3million in the process.
  • The volume of sausages sold in this country is more than double the volume of burgers.
  • There are around 470 basic sausage recipes and flavours in Britain, compared to Germany’s 1700! But if you included each individual butcher’s variation you could eat a different British sausage a day for the next ten years.
  • Each day, 3.7million meals containing sausages are eaten around the world!
  • The term ‘banger’ is believed to have originated in World War 1. Food shortages led to a dramatic decrease in meat content and the increased levels of water and other scraps caused the sausages to bang and hiss when cooked over an open flame in the trenches.
  • Gary McClure, of Broughton-in-Furness holds the world record for the largest Cumberland sausage ring. Cooked in the town square to commemorate the town’s anniversary, the sausage ring had a diameter of 3.3 meters, weighed 135 kilograms and took 90 minutes to cook! 
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